Why Nutrit?

Fast paced life styles make it hard to figure out how to optimize four square meals to be healthy. The problem is further complicated if you are trying to eliminate dairy, grains, gluten, GMO's, processed sugar/fats and artificial flavorings from your diet. Nutrit has taken the idea of a meal replacement one step further by making sure an individual can get all the nutritional requirements and at the same time, avoid problem ingredients that can be detrimental.  Nutrit tastes great, costs less than take-out, and is easier to make than instant noodles.  Nutrit is gluten free, dairy free, grain free, non-GMO, and vegetarian. Nutrit gives you the confidence that you're getting all you need without anything you don't.
                                                  Nutrit is meal replacement reimagined.

What's in Nutrit?

Nutrit is based on organic plant derived protein and fat, with an organic vanilla flavor. Vitamins and minerals are added to round things out.  A complete nutritional break-down can be seen below:
Nutrit Nutrition Label

How do I make Nutrit?

One square meal is two and a half cups of Nutrit and a cup and a half of water. Mix using a blender or a shaker ball container.
How often do I need Nutrit?
One Nutrit portion is meant to fulfill the nutritional requirements of an average individual for a quarter of the day.  Just like four square meals.

Do I have to stop eating real food?

Not necessarily.  Nutrit can also be used to suppliment those times when a person whould normally reach for fast food or vending machine candy in a pinch.  Wouldn't you like to have an easy option for lunch that doesn't make you feel crummy afterward?  Don't have time for breakfast?  You probably have time for Nutrit.

How do I get Nutrit?

Nutrit comes in one week supply boxes(28 portions).  Plans are to start production in the beginning of October.  So to get on our mail list to purchase:.  
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